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Fourth Grade

About the Teacher

Fourth Grade at Holy Name School is the first year students move to the second floor of the building.  It symbolizes the growth in maturity of the students.  They learn the importance of independence and making the right decisions.  

Below is a list of a few of the academic areas covered in fourth grade.

Social Studies

The 4th grade social studies curriculum focuses on the regions of the United States. History and geography is woven into each chapter giving a broader look at each area of the U.S. The children will spend a portion of the school year investigating Nebraska history. 


The children will continue to strengthen their relationship with God. Scripture, information about the saints, holy day lessons, and the Ten Commandments are a part of the lessons that will be delving into during the school year. 


There is a strong emphasis into basic math to enable the children to use this foundation and apply it to more difficult areas of math. This year includes a higher level of multiplication and division as well as algebra and other areas of instruction. 


Reading is a valuable way to enrich a young mind. It is very important to read everyday. Children also like to be read to as well as read to themselves. Fourth grade children also like to read picture books. Some picture books are written with the older student in mind, using challenging vocabulary and sentence structure. The illustrations are not only for insight to the story, but give future artists a strong background in a variety of techniques. I also encourage children to read non-fiction literature. The fourth grade children seemed to soak up information about Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Mohandas Gandhi. When they choose books at the library invite your child to choose a science or social study book as well as other types of books such as poetry and biographies. Books also invite us to solve problems and learn valuable lessons. Books such as The Hundred Dresses or Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes encourage young readers to make good choices and to respect others. Children learn a great deal from watching what the important adults in their life model. When your children see you reading they might be prompted to do the same. When you read everyday or discuss a book or newspaper article with them perhaps they will be excited to share their knowledge with you. I invite your whole family to read and grow closer through books.


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