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First Grade

 About the Teacher

First Grade at Holy Name School is a place where students can achieve excellence.  Throughout the school year, the first graders cover a variety of topics in each subject.  Here are just a few:


* Identify individual sounds heard in words. 
* Use phonics and word structure to read unfamiliar words
* Read high frequency words
* Identify sequence of story and begin summarizing
* Begin writing process

* Sort, classify and organize items into groups
* Count and write number 1-100
* Communicate ideas for solving a problem
* Create and interpret simple picture and bar graphs
* Use manipulatives to demonstrate and understand math concepts

* Practice formal and informal prayer
* Explore the Sacrament of Baptism
* Learn more about Mass and take part in it

* Compare living and non-living things
* Identify solids, liquids, and gases
* Observe and describe changes in weather
* Identify parts of plants
* Identify animals by their classes and habitats
* Recognize parts of the solar system

Social Studies
* Map and graphings skills
* Community workers
* Holidays around the world
* Citizenship
* People and places

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