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Second Grade

About the Teacher

Second Grade at Holy Name School is a place where students can achieve excellence. Throughout the school year, the 2nd graders cover a variety of topics in each subject. Here are just a few:

*Develop and understand Prayer
*Discuss saints, disciples, Mary and Jesus
*Receive 2 sacraments (First Reconciliation and First Communion)
*Learn more about Mass and take part in it

*Develop reading skills: comprehension, story mapping, vocabulary and etc.
*Read a variety of stories and use individual guided reading books to improve student's reading

*Saxon math
*Timed tests
*Repetition of math topics
*Hands-on material

*Animal groups
*Solar system
*Water cycle

Social Studies
*Working World *Geography Skills
*Land forms *Government
*Pioneers *Special People and Places

Come join us at Holy Name School for a great year!

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