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Every student comes to library class once a week. We read books, research and explore our world. Below is the schedule for the year.

Class Maximum number of books to check out
Preschool  0
PreK 1 book, second semester
Kindergarten 1 book
1st 1 book
2nd 2 books
3rd 2 books
4th 3 books
5th 3 books
6th 3 books
7th 3 books
8th 3 books


All books are due one week after check out, but students may return their books at any time or renew their books if they need more time to finish reading them.

Students are encouraged to come to the library at the start and end of the school day if they have work to do on the computers or if they need to check out a book. New books are donated and added to the library all of the time. We gladly accept donations of gently used books (or DVDs, CDs, etc.) if your child has outgrown some of their books at home.

Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Of all the skills children learn, it is the one parents can influence the most. Stop in sometime with your student and let them show you what’s new in the library! And remember to keep reading all year long!

"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers."
-Harry S. Truman


Omaha Public Library Reading Program

Omaha Public Library has a great summer reading program.  Your child can earn free prizes when they register...all for reading books!

Summer Reading Program at Holy Name.

End of July, early August, 8:30-11:30, for children entering Kindergarten-4th grade.  FREE.  (5th through 8th graders can register to help.)  Call school office 402-451-5403 to register.

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