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The Fifteen Self-Discipline SkillsVasiloff/Lenz - Discipline With Purpose © 1984 All Rights Reserved

Basic Skills

Prompted Birth-K 
Internalized Grs. K-3rd

1. Listening 
2. Following Instructions
3. Questioning
4. Sharing: Time, Space, People and Things
5. Exhibiting Social skillsConstructive Skills

Prompted Grs. K-3rd 
Internalized Grs.
6. Cooperating with Others 
7. Understanding the Reason for Rules
8. Independently Completing a Task
9. Exhibiting Leadership
10. Communicating EffectivelyGenerative Skills 

Prompted Grs. K-7th
Internalized Grs. 7-12
11. Organizing: Time, Space, People, Things 
12. Resolving Mutual Problems
13. Taking the Initiative in Problem Solving
14. Distinguishing Fact From Feeling
15. Sacrificing/Serving Others

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