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Student Testimonials

Here's what our students have to say about our school:

Holy Name has prepared me for success in high school and life by giving me a structured form of a great education, a positive learning environment, and great school spirit, and a community that is loving and caring. D. J., 8th Grade Graduate

While being in Catholic schools, I have learned how to be a better student and a better person. Some of the things I receive from a Catholic school are being able to learn in a small environment, meeting many diverse people, and being able to serve others. Being in this school also gives me more wisdom when it comes to growing. Kalil, 8th Grade Graduate

Respect is very important in everyday life. I’ve learned that you need to respect people and need to respect yourself. Desmond, 8th Grade Graduate

Holy Name provides religion, discipline and a great education for everybody. Erica, 8th Grade Graduate

Attending a Holy Name Catholic School is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love the safe environment, the great education and the assistance we receive from the teachers. Montrice, 8th Grade Graduate

We include religion in the curriculum and everyday life. Having religion as a class helps us explore and express ourselves more during school. Alyssa, 8th Grade Graduate

Participating in service hours is fun! I love the feeling I get when I help out at the Open Door Mission and the library. When you first find out that you have you to do service hours it may sound’s not! When you help people out, and you see the happy and thankful looks on their faces, it gives you a great feeling. Lily, 8th Grade Graduate

To excel in our lives we need to believe in something and to have a plan. God leads us on that path started by our parents, teachers, and friends; it is our job to continue it through remarkable role models that we see in the staff here and in the world. Ariana, 2011 8th Grade Graduate

At Holy Name, becoming a better person is one of the most important benefits. The teachers don’t just tell us to become a better person; they help us better understand what we need to do and the qualities we need to be a better person. They teach you how to make decisions for yourself so you can figure out what is wrong and right. They don’t do the work for us. They teach how to do the work, and we do it ourselves. Sidnea, 8th Grade Graduate

Our teachers actually care. They care if you get good grades. They care if your are trying your best. They want you to succeed! Derek, 8th Grade Graduate


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