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DRESS CODE – (Revised 10/30/19)

Parents are asked to reinforce the guidelines of the established dress code and encourage proper grooming habits for their children. The dress code at Holy Name serves several purposes:

1.  to promote a sense of community and pride within our school and individual students;

2.  to provide a means for a child to associate dress with behavior.

3.  to create an environment of uniformity and safety for all students;

4.  to reduce clothing expenditures;

To promote these established principles, Holy Name students are expected to follow the guidelines identified below.


1.  Plain collared white shirts (no logos), long or short sleeved.   White turtleneck shirts are permitted.  Shirts must be kept tucked into the skirt/skort or slacks at all times.

2.  A Holy Name uniform jumper, solid navy pants or uniform skort  is required for girls in grades K-5.   All girls in grade 6, 7, and 8 must have a plaid uniform skirt/skort or solid navy blue pants.  Plaid uniform jumpers and skirts/skorts are preferable for all Mass days. The plaid jumpers and skirts are available at the Dennis Uniform Company.

3.  Solid white, red or navy blue sweaters or vests may be worn with the uniform blouse.  No logos other than Holy Name School.

4.  Tights and/or leggings can be worn under skirts, jumpers and skorts and must be solid colors of white, navy or black only.

5.  Make-up and fingernail polish MAY NOT be worn at school.  No fake nails.  Fingernails must be kept trimmed so that nails do not extend beyond the tip of the natural finger.


1. Solid white shirt with plain collar, long or short sleeved.  The shirt may be knit or woven fabric.   White turtleneck shirts are permitted; crew neck shirts are not permitted.  The shirt must be tucked into the pants or slacks. 

2.  Navy blue dress pants or slacks of cotton twill, or corduroy may be worn.  Slacks and pants must fit appropriately around the waist.  Baggy or loose fitting slacks that slide from the waist are unacceptable.  If necessary, a belt should be worn to ensure proper fit.

3.  Solid white, red or navy blue sweater or vest may be worn with a white collared shirt underneath.

Boys and Girls

ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE EITHER A UNIFORM SWEATER OR A HOLY NAME SWEATSHIRT TO BE WORN ON SPECIAL OCCASION DAYS WHEN THE FULL UNIFORM WILL BE REQUIRED. No other outerwear is permitted inside the school building during the school day.  Holy Name Sweatshirts may be purchased through the Parent Club Association.

•  Navy blue walking shorts may be worn from the beginning of the school year until end of  1st trimester, October 10th and again from beginning of  3rd trimester, April 9th until the end of the school year.  Walking shorts are those with a hem that comes to the top or middle of the knee. 

•   No logo or colored t-shirts are to be worn underneath the white uniform shirts – only white t-shirts will be allowed.

•  Tennis shoes are the only acceptable footwear for school.  Opened-toed and/or open-heeled shoes are not allowedbecause of the extra hazard they pose to students at recess and on the stairs of the school building.  Fashion boots are not allowed.  Winter boots may be worn to school and students must change into their Tennis shoes upon arrival to their classroom.  Dress shoes and hard soled shoes are also discouraged except on special occasion days.

•   Socks or stockings worn must be white or navy blue.

•  All clothing should be clean, in good repair and modest.  On school Mass days and other days with special activities students will be asked to be especially attentive to their appearance. 

•  Jeans are allowed only on days specifically identified by the Principal. No holes or tears are allowed on jeans.  On designated casual dress days clothes of appropriate size and fit are accepted.  Students are expected to be neat in appearance and choice of clothing.  Clothing should be modest and acceptable for school wear.  The administration reserves the right to make the final judgment on any questions concerning appropriateness for school wear.

•  If a student is not dressed according to the code, she/he will be sent to the school office. The student will be informed of the violation and be requested to comply with the code.  Parents will be called and asked to bring appropriate attire if necessary. Continued refusal to comply with the dress code may lead to a student's dismissal from school.


  • Boys’ hair must be the student’s natural color, clean, combed, well-groomed, above the collar, above the eyebrows and half-way above the bottom of earlobe. The following are not permitted: excessively long hair, facial hair, sideburns below the earlobe, bleached, colored or dyed hair, lettering, symbols, carving, etching, hair combed to one side to disguise the actual length, Mohawks, etc.  In any case, all teachers and principal have discretion to determine what is acceptable.
  • Girls may wear any tasteful hairstyle. Hair must be natural color, clean, combed and well-groomed.  No gaudy or extreme cuts, designs are allowed for girls. Girls may wear hair accessories as long as they are not distracting and/or dangling to keep hair out of the student’s face.  Girls are allowed to wear the plaid hair accessories sold at Dennis Uniform or Educational Outfitters.
  • All students must come to school with clean and groomed hair. No gaudy or extreme cuts, designs are allowed for girls or boys. Girls may wear hair accessories as long as they are not distracting and/or dangling (such as feathers or brightly colored or printed designs)to keep hair out of the student’s face.  Girls are allowed to wear the plaid hair accessories sold at Dennis Uniform. 


Watches (without alarms) and religious medals (tucked inside shirt) are permitted. Small earrings/posts (girls only) may be worn to keep pierced ears open. Girls may only have their ear lobes pierced. Boys may not have any piercings. No hoops or dangly earrings are allowed. For safety reasons, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are not permitted.


  • Students are not allowed to wear makeup of any color and lip color with the exception of cover-up for blemishes. Lip protection such as Chap Stick is allowed as long as it is clear. Perfume, body splash, or hairspray may not be applied at school. 


Parents/guardians and students will be notified about scheduled dress down days. Dress down day dress code stresses modesty in clothing apparel.  Students will receive a dress code violation if he/she does not meet the dress down day guidelines. If a student has a dress code violation after the 1st uniform violation, he/she will be unable to participate in dressing down on the next scheduled dress down day. Students’ street clothes must follow these guidelines:

  1. Pants or jeans are acceptable but must be the correct size and worn appropriately.

  2. Girls may also wear dresses, skirts, or skorts. Hemline must be longer than 3 inches above the middle of the kneecap.

  3. Clothing must be neat, clean, and free from holes.

  4. Clothing with inappropriate or derogatory logos or slogans is not permitted.

  5.   Students may wear shorts through the end of the first Trimester and starting again at the beginning of the third Trimester. Shorts must be longer than 3 inches above the middle of the kneecap.

  6. All tops must have sleeves, no halter tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops or muscle shirts.

  7. Any shoe that has a covered toe and heel is permitted on dress down days.

  8. Baseball hats or head coverings are not allowed.  

  9. No revealing, form-fitting or too tight clothing may be worn to school such as yoga pants, athletic tights, leggings. The outfit worn on dress down days must be at least 3” above the middle of the kneecap or longer. All school staff will determine if any clothing is inappropriate.

  10. Holy Name School logo t-shirts may only be worn on designated dress down days. The logo must be visible at all times and not be under other layers of clothing.

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