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The Makerspace meets every Tuesday after school in the Science Lab/Health Room/Art Rooms/STEM Lab.  The Makerspace incorporates all the aspects of science, engineering, technology, art and math (STEAM) education.  Students are invited to enter an atmosphere where critical thinking and innovation are required to create and solve problems/initiate solutions to personal needs or community issues.  Tools and resources are provided for creation.  Teachers are available as a resource but not as instructors.  Students can create robots (both with electronics and with LEGOS/infrared computer software,) dismantle computer hardware and re-purpose the parts, crochet or knit items to integrate with their inventions or a multitude of other projects.  Inspiration and innovation are the only limitations.  Resources have been gathered from the community and grant funding is being sought to fund the project.  Robotics and GPS equipment are owned by Holy Name.  Beginning as a pilot program in 2014, it has now expanded to an entire robotics/STEM lab that is integrated in the classroom curriculum.  Several State Educational Standards will be covered by the projects.  Standards will vary depending on the specific design project.

Chess Club                                                      

Chess Club regularly meets in the health room on Thursdays from 3:20 – 4:30 pm.  This club is open to any Holy Name 5th – 8th grader who wants to learn more about chess and compete against other students.  Students are welcome to attend any week, even if they missed the previous week.  We are in the process of signing up for chess competitions with other schools in the area

Math Club

Math Club meets every Monday after school to explore the wonderful world of numbers and how they relate to the world around and every day life.

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