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Student Council


To lead the school through example

To develop and organize activities     

To assist students and faculty as needed.

Planned activities:

· Multi – Cultural Day

· All School Thanksgiving Lunch

· Wrap Christmas gifts purchased at Christmas Corner

· School Spirit Week during Catholic School’s Week

· Spring activity

· Plan mass for Catholic School’s Week

· Work with teachers to promote social skills 

· Other as requested by teacher


Students write an essay stating why they want to run for student council, why they are qualified and what they will do if they are elected.

Teachers are asked to rank the students according to how they demonstrate the 3 school rules in their classes and with their peers.

The student council teacher moderators add up all the ranking scores from the teachers and the top four from grades 4-5 and top six from grades 6-7 are asked to prepare a speech to give to their classmates. 

The nominees give a short speech to their class and then the class votes (by closed written ballot) for 2 out of the four choices. 6th grade votes for three and 7th grade votes for four.

The two students in each class 4th-5th receiving the most votes are then representatives for their class. The three students with the most votes in 6th grade will represent their class. 7th grade elects four members.  Votes are counted by at least 2 staff members.

*Membership in council is adjusted on years where class size differs from the norm

Elections are held the beginning of May.

Upcoming Events

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First Day Preschool

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