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  • Active Student Council-  The council operates a student store, plans many all-school activities, helps with Catholic School’s Week, and more.
  • Competitions- Art, GeoBee, Math, Spelling, Music
  • Community Service:  All Jr. High students required to provide 18 hours of community service per year.
  • College Students-  UNO students come three times a year to practice reading fluency with our students.
  • Counseling- Alegent, Archdiocesan, graduate students in the UNO School Psychology program
  • Field Trips- Classes attend over 20 different field trips during the year including outdoor education, arts enrichment, school partnerships, and many more.
  • Grants -  Many grants from local, state and national organizations provide enhanced programming each year.  For example, in the last 10 yrs: Target Inc.-15+ grants, Ritonya-Buscher-Poehling 20+ grants, Federal Erate-15, Kiwanis-5+
  • Health/Well Being- Creighton OISSE students, Discipline with Purpose
  • Musical Productions-  Christmas Program
  • Partnerships- Americorps, Creighton Magis, UNMC, UNO, Creighton, Creighton Prep, Charles Drew, Papio Resource, Fontenelle Forest, Rose Theater
  • Resource Instruction - Title I, Servants of Mary, dedicated resource instructors
  • Servants of Mary-  Nuns from the Servants of Mary help with instruction
  • Special Interest Clubs-  Fitness Club, Chess Club
  • Sports - Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Strong Holy Name Parish Connection-  Humble Jumble Thrift Store, Holy Name Men’s Club, Women’s Confraternity
  • Tutoring - Students from Creighton University, College of St. Mary, Ignatian Volunteers, and some retired school teachers
  • TeamMates Mentor Program - 15 TeamMates volunteers mentor our students
  • Volunteers - Many volunteers of all different ages come to work with our students throughout the year. Interested in volunteering? Contact the school office at 402-451-5403

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