Special Notice

Following Christmas break, the CUES school system will be 100% virtual for the first two weeks in January. Please refer to the attached letter for further details and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. January 2021 Return to School letter

January 4-8: All students will be learning, online, from home Monday-Friday

January 11-15: All students will be learning, online, from home Monday-Friday

January 18: NO SCHOOL for Teacher Inservice

Monday-Tuesday students (Group A) will return IN PERSON to school on Tuesday, January 19.

Wednesday-Thursday students (Group B) will return IN PERSON to school on Wednesday, January 20


REMOTE MEALS:  Remote Meals will NOT be available during Christmas Break. Meals will be available the week of Jan. 4 and Jan. 11 on Mondays ONLY. Please email please e-mail our Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Bynote-Lewis at dbynote@hnsomaha.org for details.

Only Holy Name staff and students will be allowed inside of the building and masks are required.

Please continue to monitor this site, Facebook, and your e-mails, text, and voicemail messages for the latest updates.


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 About the Teacher

Kindergarten is a year filled with firsts for many of our students.  The first time they spend five days a week away from their families.  The first time they have many new friends to meet and accept.  The first time they are expected to complete every assignment to the best of their ability.  And the list goes on.  Below is a list of some of the academic areas covered this year.  Many of these are included in the list of firsts!



Identify God as Creator 
Recognize that the Bible is a special book about God
Practice treating others the way Jesus treated others
Recognize that prayer is a conversation with God

Language Arts

Exhibit knowledge of letters and sounds
Identify and generate rhyming words
Separate and blend sounds to read words
Use phonics to read, write and spell
Identify roles of author and/or illustrator
Read and demonstrate comprehension using a variety of strategies
Print neatly and correctly
Ask questions to gain information
Follow one-step and two-step directions
Use active listening, showing consideration of others' contributions and discussions


Identify, write and sequence whole numbers
Compare relationships among who numbers
Identify ordinal numbers
Understand a calendar-days of week/months
Identify and describe shapes
Sort and classify objects
Identify, describe, create simple patterns
Create bar graphs and picture graphs


Explore our five senses
Helping our environment
Healthy diet
Classify and compare living and nonliving things
Make predictions
Observe and describe objects
Investigate how living things need food, water and air

Social Studies

Prepare students for responsible citizenship
Recognize the globe as a model of the earth
Foster pride in the United States and build an appreciation of the nation's cultural heritage
Build respect for likenesses and differences among people
Identify how families and communities work together to meet basic needs and wants

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