Special Notice

Following Christmas break, the CUES school system will be 100% virtual for the first two weeks in January. Please refer to the attached letter for further details and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. January 2021 Return to School letter

January 4-8: All students will be learning, online, from home Monday-Friday

January 11-15: All students will be learning, online, from home Monday-Friday

January 18: NO SCHOOL for Teacher Inservice

Monday-Tuesday students (Group A) will return IN PERSON to school on Tuesday, January 19.

Wednesday-Thursday students (Group B) will return IN PERSON to school on Wednesday, January 20


REMOTE MEALS:  Remote Meals will NOT be available during Christmas Break. Meals will be available the week of Jan. 4 and Jan. 11 on Mondays ONLY. Please email please e-mail our Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Bynote-Lewis at dbynote@hnsomaha.org for details.

Only Holy Name staff and students will be allowed inside of the building and masks are required.

Please continue to monitor this site, Facebook, and your e-mails, text, and voicemail messages for the latest updates.


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Middle School

The Holy Name Middle School is taught by 3 main instructors.  Each is responsible for a homeroom class. During this homeroom the students receive all school notifications and instruction in DWP (Discipline with Purpose) skills. Assisting in the instruction of Jr. High students are the Specialty Instructors (music, library, PE and health, Spanish, and technology/STEM.)

 Middle School Teachers

Ms. Maureen Snook        8th homeroom, English and Literature
Mr. Steve McCarville       7th homeroom, Social Studies and Religion
Mr. James McDermott     6th homeroom, Math and Science

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